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Smart Sensors & Integrated Microsystems Lab

Alexander Fleming, creator of penicillin, Marie Curie, discoverer of Radium, and Benjamin Franklin, a pioneer of electricity, dreamed of making the world a better, more innovative place. So do we. SSIM’s mission is to help people live healthier, longer lives through fresh ideas in applied science and advanced technologies. It takes more than dreams to change the future. It takes the drive and determination evident in our research and the highly advanced resources.

Row 1 (kneeling): Barbara House, Krista Bui, Dr. Gregory Auner, Dr. Michelle Brusatori, Era Cobani, Daryna Gopchenko

Row 2 (middle): Jake Demeulemeester, Madison Ford, Unsa Fatima, Renee Cole, Christopher Thrush

Row 3 (by glass or back wall): Sally Yurgelevic, David Sant, Dr. Kiran Koya, Jacob Wielgomas, Sundeep Varma Gottumukkala, Dr. Changhe Huang

Not pictured: Kristen Amyx-Sherer, Sushil Hanumolu

Commercialization Initiatives

Infectious Disease Research

Cancer Research

Neural & Physiology Research

Cardiac Research

Surgical Innovations

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Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystems (SSIM) Program
Wayne State University
5050 Anthony Wayne Drive
STE 3517.01 Engineering
Detroit, MI 48202
Ph: 313-577-1306