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Education & Training

Our residency is built on the tenants of traditional surgical training, but has positioned itself to take advantage of new technologies and methods for the continued evolution of surgical education to be on the leading edge of change.


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Research is strongly supported and encouraged. In addition to the large amount of research conducted by individual surgeons, the Department supports institutional research through several academic labs and commercial/industrial collaborations.


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Surgical Skills & Simulation

To a very great extent, simulation is the future of surgery. Within a few years, no surgical procedure will be performed without first perfecting it on a full-sized, 3D, and possibly haptic simulation of the specific patient; and most surgical training and skills assessment will be conducted on simulators.


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Chairman’s Message

With or without a pandemic, in surgery, the era we find ourselves in is like none before. Surgery is becoming more minimally invasive, image-guided and technologically driven. A modern surgery department must recognize these changes, embrace them, and school its students in these evolving skills. The challenges of changing patterns of learning, of changing funding for research, and changing skill sets for clinical practices make this a time of great opportunity. New paradigms in each of these areas are needed to face the future.

With such breakthroughs as the world’s first successful heart pump, our faculty has long brought creativity and energy to help shape the practice of surgery (as you can read in Wayne State University School of Medicine: 150 Years, 1868-2018 ) and continues to shape how it will be practiced and taught tomorrow. We hope that this website will help you to know our Department better. The Department has a long and rich history of clinical excellence, educational innovation, and novel research.


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