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Cardiac Research

Cardiac Research

A pump to assist a weakened heart and technology to assess damage to the heart are just two of the cardiac research projects under way at SSIM. Further details are provided below. 

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Cardiac Pump

The project involve the research and development of a pulsatile, complex or continuous flow in biological and non-biological systems implantable heart assist pump. Specifically, it is being developed as a 20% cardiac assist for persons from congestive heart failure and other cardiac abnormalities. The pulsatile cardiac assist pump would provide up to 20% of the blood pumping process from the venous supply to the arterial supply.

Current pumps are largely complete bypass pumps or large volume pumps that produce significant long term blood cell damage resulting in thrombosis. Most are not pulsatile which offers a significant physiological advantage. The pump under development is designed to prevent thrombosis by utilizing a unique geometry and pumping actuation mechanism.

Novel Raman Spectroscopy-based Biomarkers for Heart Damage Assessment

A novel set of biomarkers have been developed based on a canine model that correlate with heart damage. They may lead to a more accurate and correlative assessment of heart damage form a simple blood test in near real time.

Aorta Plaque Raman Study to Assess Plaque Molecular Composition and Treatment efficacy

This Raman spectroscopy study maps interior plaque buildup and subsequent plaque change in the aorta after targeted protein theory. Preliminary results indicate positive changes in plaque due to protein therapy.

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