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Meet our Resident

+ Introduce yourself
I was born in Moldova) and came over to the US in the early 90s with my family to pursue the ‘American Dream’.

+ What promoted you to pursue a career in surgery?
I enjoy being able to see a pathology, feel it with my hands and have the near-instant gratification of being able to fix it. I also was attracted to the breadth of the field and liked the idea of being able to take care of the most critically ill patients in the hospital.

+ Where did you attend Medical School?
I attended Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

+ What was your decision to come to Wayne State School of Medicine?
I wanted to train at a strong academic program that would provide me excellent operative and clinical experience and allow me to be a competitive applicant for any fellowship that I might apply to.

+ What kind of surgery career are you interested in?
I am currently pursuing a career in Pediatric Surgery

+ What do you like best about the surgery residency program?
I like the progressive autonomy that our program provides. I believe that it’s something very-much needed to become a competent as well as confident surgeon.

+ What interests you outside of medicine? (Any hobbies, community involvements?)
I enjoy cooking, baking, hiking, watching college football / basketball (Go State!) and spending time with my 15 month old

+ What are the key challenges of this field of medicine? Or what are your personal challenges?
I think one of the challenges of surgery, or any field of medicine for that matter, is when patients don’t do well despite your best efforts. It’s difficult to deal with morbidities and mortalities, but it’s important to come away with something from each complication.

+ Which three people (living or dead) would you invite to dinner and why?
1. My grandfather – a surgeon, a philanthropist, a pianist and an epidemiologist who worked on the polio vaccine. Someone I have never spoken to, but would love to have met.
2. Andrei Sakharov – a scientist, civil rights activist in the Soviet Union and Nobel Peace Prize winner, who fought for and was imprisoned for his beliefs in a hostile USSR.
3. Abraham Verghese – a physician and author who was one of my physician role models growing up. He was one of the first physicians to take care of HIV-positive patients in the 80s and really influenced me to want to take care of underserved patients.